Sunday, 31 October 2010

city brief #2 manchesterisnotnewyork

Thoughts on the city. My work for the last 12 months has circulated the idea of the city. Living in a city, my personal relationship with the city.

"The city is elusive. Especially from our point of view, that of those who are inside it. The tools you need to look at it clearly have to be seen from the outside, you have to keep your distance. Maybe you could try and look down on the metropolitan space from above and imagine taking possession of it. But that would only be a visual conquest." Metropolitiscape, the urban landscape in contemporary art, 2007.

Conquest, Elusive, Distance. With ceramics I have taken this notion of stepping back and looking at the city, peering and noticing what may be overlooked by using colour, illustration and form.

“I would prefer to say ‘street landscape’ or ‘cityscape’, for what it refers to is the actual landscape total image, which is produced by the arrangement and forming of masses in some manner as the natural landscape emerges out of the grouping of mountain masses and vegetation.” Stadtderwelt 1899, as cited in Frisby, 2001 Cityscapes of Modernity.

Stadterwelt here speaks about the city and its urban landscape. the accumulation of buildings over many years produces a unique cityscape

After our conversations with the manchester modernist society and learning about their passions I have looked into how others celebrate the city, the spaces that they live in and the people they live with. a visual study of fire escapes in manchester

'fire escape n. a structure or device, such as an outside stairway attached to a building, erected for emergency exit in the event of fire.'

'Look Up is a collaborative effort between students at the Manchester School of Architecture that hopes to raise awareness of architecture and the built environment of the 'original modern' city - Manchester.'

A blog that does just what it says on the tin. I love looking at how others perceive the city visually, what catches their eye in comparison to my own in the same city.

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