Sunday, 21 November 2010

city brief #4

Top, my own sketch of possibilities using space beneath the mancunian way. Bottom, Right,Eduard Sautai ‘home sweet home’ exhibition at the university museum, Chiang Mai, Bottom Left Photo taken in the Designlab, MMU, Oct 2010.

Home sweet home addresses the issues facing a newcomer, a traveller someone new to a place or a city. He references nomadic shelters, and the need to settle, and to build your own space to feel at home. This work is visually similar to the construction in the designlab, as well as this idea of suspending lanterns. I also think that it addresses some issues in the Hulme area such as the displacement of people in the 80’s when many residents were forced to move into overspill estates in Wythenshawe. Essentially pulling apart a community. I would like an event that brings the community together.

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