Saturday, 6 November 2010

Craft Shop, Royal Exchange initial product ideas

The royal exchange brief is pretty wide and varied, I wont go into detail, but the there is an upcycling theme and a wish to encourage a younger audience to shop there. As a group we have decided that it would be great to bring the upcycled nature of the royal exchange itself, previously functioning as a cotton exchange together with the products. The Designlab physically sits among fashion, textiles and embroidery workshops and we are lucky enough to have access to their leftover thread
'bitbox' from their looms. I am using this cotton, at the moment to create pattern and decoration within my existing range of tableware. I'm very exited to be able to try something new with my work and to hopefully move it forward and to develop it further.

Top, cast cup rolled onto cotton and black slip
Centre, cotton in slip body
Bottom, Cotton dipped in blue slip, to be pressed onto the clay surface.

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